2016 Holiday Cards and Ornaments are here!

Spread of the joy of love and creativity with our holiday cards and ornaments made by Milwaukee youth and AWE artists.

Get ahead of the game and purchase our holiday cards and ornaments now. Our holiday cards are perfect for your holiday business send to clients or purchase our handmade holiday ornament for your loved ones. All card orders can be customized with a message. If you need more information on your order or have any questions related to customizing an order or quantity number please contact Anne Marie at annemarie@awe-inc.org.

Holiday Cards

Artwork created by Milwaukee Youth with card layout from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design student Brigid Malloy. Perfect for business holiday cards.






This year’s ornament is handmade by local artist, Janelle Gramling. Inspired by the A.W.E. sun, this ornament/totem is made of stoneware, linen, and cotton and it’s about 11 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 1 inch deep. These can be used as a holiday ornament or as a “totem” (wall hanging).





About the Artist

Janelle Gramling is a self-taught fiber and ceramic artist, entrepreneur, historic home restorer, community art activist/educator, stylist, and photographer in Milwaukee, WI. She has collaborated with youth to create public art as a lead artist through our AIR programming.

Gramling’s work is designed and hand-made in her Milwaukee studio. Every season, she pulls work from her experiments in fiber, found object, and ceramics to curate a collection of home decor and wearable adornments revolving around a theme. Inspired by raw natural materials and traditional techniques, her work touches on themes of personal symbolism and sacred geometry with a minimal yet playful aesthetic.

To learn more visit http://janellegramling.com/.


“I was thrilled to be asked to collaborate with AWE on an ornament this season! AWE is an organization that is near and dear to my heart, because they make such a positive impact in the lives of both working artists as well as students and our youth in this city. I always use some kind of symbolism in my fiber and ceramic hanging sculptures. For AWE’s ornament, I decided to use the crescent moon. The latin verb crescere means “to grow”, and the moon has long been a symbol of female creation. So, to me, this crescent is a symbol of growth through creativity”


Janelle with students from Greenfield Bilingual school during AIR programming