5×3 Highlight: Escuela Verde

Students at Escuela Verde are working alongside local artist George Jones and Gisela Ortega of Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, to design their 5×3 project. They have chosen to focus on the topics of anti-consumerism and environmental justice. They will be proposing to create a vending machine made out of recycled materials. Instead of money, the vending machine will accept generosity, kindness, positivity, and respect. Instead of candy or soda, it will dispense uplifting and positive items like small pieces of art, seeds, and words of encouragement.

In the photo above, Escuela Verde students take part in a unity exercise. In this exercise, they unravel string and tie it to a post labeled with a neighborhood issue or project topic they identify with personally. This exercise helps them understand how they are all connected and aids in narrowing down topics and areas of interest for their project.

Escuela Verde students, along with the rest of the 5×3 groups, will reveal their design proposals at our Design Share event to be held later in the month of March.

5×3’s are funded by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Racial Equity and Inclusion grant, MPS Partnership for the Arts and Humanities, Milwaukee Arts Board through the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin, the Herzfeld Foundation, the Zilber Family Foundation, and the Mary L. Nohl Fund.