AIR Celebration Recap

Over the past four weeks, we’ve celebrated some seriously awesome AIR public art projects. Keep reading to learn more about these exceptional groups and their projects:

La Luz del Mundo Family Services- Cultural Identity Woodcuts

In this 5×3 project, youth from La Luz del Mundo Family Services and artist Jenie Gao created individual woodcuts that all represented the different cultural identities of the South Side. They printed these woodcuts at Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative’s Block Build on Saturday, May 20. Their activity was a way for residents to build their community and get to know their neighbors.

Our Next Generation- “Life” Sculpture and Farmer’s Market Shelter Art

In this 5×3 project, Our Next Generation youth and artist Mikal Floyd-Pruitt transformed the farmer’s market area next to Amaranth Bakery & Cafe through painting the shelter and installing a sculpture next to the shelter. Their art focuses on food security, safety, and community building. We celebrated this project during Our Next Generation’s End of Year celebration on May 24 with community members, including students from the La Luz del Mundo 5×3 project! La Luz youth used their wood blocks to print tshirts for celebration attendees. You can visit this project at Amaranth Bakery & Cafe (3421 W. Lisbon Ave.).


Holton Teen Center-  Memorial Sculpture Garden

In this 5×3 project, youth from Holton Teen Center and artist Anwar Floyd-Pruitt created a temporary memorial sculpture garden for the 125 Milwaukee homicide victims in 2016. Each victim is represented by a two-foot tall hand painted flower that has been installed in the ground at 3119 N. Buffum St. We celebrated this project on May 30.


Doerfler Elementary School- Spirit Animals

A group of 8th graders at Doerfler Elementary School have created a mural featuring stylized and colorful spirit animals inspired by Native American myths. Each student created their own panel depicting an animal that they have a connection with. Their mural beautifies the school and inspires students and neighbors alike! We celebrated their project on May 31, but you can go visit it at Doerfler Elementary (3014 W. Scott St.).


Neu-Life Community Development- Elemental Puppet

In this 5×3 project, Neu-Life Community Development youth and artist Gabrielle Tesfaye created a large puppet installation in Alice’s Garden. The art installation is their gift to the garden and its surrounding community, visually depicting the circle of planet earth and life within the garden, and reflecting on the connection between Johnson’s Park and the Underground Railroad. We celebrated this installation on June 1 with community members including Venice Williams and Alderman Russell Stamper II. You can go visit this project at Alice’s Garden (2136 N. 21st St.).

Oliver Wendell Holmes School- Earthbench

Students from Oliver Wendell Holmes School and artist Tia Richardson created imagery that reflect the Earth, peace, unity, and justice and painted those images on the Earthbench. The Earthbench represents collaboration and the community’s efforts in making the environment a cleaner place to live. It celebrates community art, Harambee, and our shared planet. We celebrated this project on June 2, but you can go visit (and sit on it) at 2574 N. Richards St.



Escuela Verde High School- “O-So Different Vend”

In this 5×3 project, student “artivists” of Escuela Verde and artist George Jones created a project they call “O-So Different Vend.” It’s an interactive art installation aimed at addressing issues of consumerism, environmental justice, and neighborhood safety. This unveiling will take place during Escuela Verde’s Senior Presentation Night. This celebration is family friendly, open to the public, and there will be refreshments offered. Come celebrate with us on Thursday, June 15th from 5-7pm at Escuela Verde High School (3628 W. Pierce St.).

Learn more about Escuela Verde’s project!