Accountant Moves Office to the Heart of Bronzeville


AWE is committed to investing in neighborhoods where our programs take place. We’re excited for the growth of our accountant, Megan McCray, who recently moved her business to the Bronzeville neighborhood. She started the accounting firm, McCray Accounting Services in 2014. McCray has over 14 years of experience in the accounting industry. She hopes the new location will allow the accounting firm to be more accessible and proactive in the community and strengthen partnerships.


“There is a tremendous amount of development and resources being put into MLK Drive. The Bucks arena being so close, and the new Main Street designation are promising for the area. I hope to become even more actively involved with the King Dr. BID, P3 Development and the African American Chamber [of Commerce] in helping small businesses be profitable and sustainable,” said McCray.

McCray Accounting got settled into their new space in the middle of August. Megan is already loving the convenience of work being so close to her house. The wife and mother of a daughter, 11, and a son, 5 is pregnant with a second son due in early November.

Specializing in small business bookkeeping, accounting, taxes and everything in between including payroll, vendor bill pay and customer invoicing, McCray has a range of nonprofit clients such as Milwaukee Collegiate Academy, Spectrum Arts MKE, Stillwater Collective and Operation Dream.

“I have a passion for helping small businesses be successful and understand the meaning and importance of their numbers and how that directly correlates with the success of a business, McCray said.” McCray also stressed the importance of helping other small businesses operate. “Many people that start businesses might not realize all that goes into it. I hope to bridge that gap, educate and empower owners to have a healthy business that will last.”

Artists Working in Education has been a client of McCray’s since 2016. McCray especially loves that connection for her children because her daughter has love for art and drawing, her son loves various craft projects.  Beth Haskovec, executive director of AWE said, “Megan and her team at McCray Accounting Services are responsible, flexible and easy to work with. We are proud to be supporting small businesses that work within our targeted neighborhood strategy.”