Neighborhood youth bring “Seasons of Joy” to Sherman Park

“Seasons of Joy” is a vibrant mural created by 3rd and 4th graders form St. Catherine School, Lead Artist Tia Richardson and Assistant Artist Jordan King. The students depicted what they love about each season. The mural beautifies a city owned property almost a block long in the Sherman Park neighborhood. Community members from St. Catherine Church helped paint alongside the youth as well.

Amari, 3rd grade from St. Catherine, said, “ My favorite part of this project was getting the chance to do something I didn’t know how to do.” Jazmine, a 3rd grade student from St. Catherine, said her favorite part of the project was doing a portrait of herself for the mural.

The students wrote and recited the following poem at the mural dedication:

The Joyful Seasons
by St. Catherine’s Cougar Camp

The Joyful Seasons, it’s time to shine!
We want you to make people happy
Let people be kind

Spread sweetness, spread joy
This is what we are thankful for
Seasons of Joy

We are thankful for:
Having a big job like this to paint
Drawing and painting
My Home and Family
Everyone else who helped paint

Winter Spring, Summer and Fall
These are the Seasons and we love them all!

This project was funded by the City of Milwaukee’s Department of Neighborhood Services.

“Seasons of Joy” is located across the street from another community mural, “Sherman Park Rising,” also led by artist Tia Richardson (mural pictured below). The mural, completed about a year after the uprisings in Sherman, depicts images of community and a shared hope. Residents and community members participated in community painting days. Read about the mural dedication here.

“Sherman Park Uprising” (Photo by Lydia Slattery)