Update: MANDI committee site visit

For 20 years AWE has been in communities bringing arts and creative expression to Milwaukee-area youth. We’ve served nearly 60,000 young people in various neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee. None of that would have been possible without the generous support of our public, community and youth-serving partner agencies.

This year, we’ve been selected as a 2018 MANDI Award finalist for the BMO Harris Cornerstone Award. We were delighted to host members of the MANDIs selection committee to hear about our programs and impact in Milwaukee. Ian Bautista, executive director of Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative said, “I have AWE on speed-dial. They have been a reliable partner over the years to us at the Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative. They’ve demonstrated expertise in creating gathering spaces like the Health Equity Mural on Cesar Chavez Drive and the Drift Bench at Mitchell Park. AWE not only invests in creative culture of neighborhoods but also in providing opportunities for young artists to develop their talents, and those efforts are a testament to AWE truly being a cornerstone in Milwaukee.