Public Partners

Milwaukee County Parks

mission is to sustain the legacy of our world-class park system by managing and conserving natural, cultural, and recreational resources for the benefit of the community.

Milwaukee Public Library

is an anchor institution that helps build healthy families and vibrant neighborhoods – the foundation of a strong Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Public Schools

is committed to accelerating student achievement, building positive relationships between youth and adults and cultivating leadership at all levels.

Milwaukee Recreation

is a non-profit department of MPS established in 1911 to provide affordable & enriching recreation activities.

Neighborhood Partners

Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative

(CSNI) works with and for neighbors to improve the quality of life in the Historic Clarke Square Neighborhood.  Clarke Square neighbors are individuals and families who live, learn, work, play, worship, shop, serve, or otherwise spend time in Clarke Square.

Layton Boulevard West Neighbors

(LBWN) builds strong and healthy neighborhoods in the City of Milwaukee by stabilizing and revitalizing the Silver City, Burnham Park and Layton Park communities. These south side neighborhoods are some of Milwaukee’s most diverse and economically vibrant.

Safe & Sound

was founded with the theory that improvements in public safety require the combination of law enforcement, community organizing and youth development.

Riverworks Development Corporation

promotes economic prosperity by providing coordinated resources for residents and businesses with emphasis on the Riverworks neighborhoods.

Washington Park Partners

(WPP) is a collaboration of residents, organizations, and businesses working to make the Washington Park neighborhood a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

Youth Serving Partners

COA Youth & Family Centers

was established in 1906 to serve low-income children and families in Milwaukee. They focus on three core areas: Early Child Development, Youth Development, and Community Development.

Milwaukee Public Schools Division of Recreation and Community Services

Through partnerships between the Milwaukee Public Schools Division of Recreation and Community Services and local arts organizations, the MPS Arts Internship program will provide high school students with paid internship opportunities to explore careers in the arts while also gaining practical and applicable job skills and work experience.

Neu Life

after school program serving Milwaukee youth.

Trans Center for Youth

provides high quality educational programs that allow “at-risk” youth and others to become productive adults and responsible community members.

City Wide Initiatives

Beyond the Bell

advancing the coordination of quality programs and services for youth in Milwaukee.

LISC Sustainable Communities 

positive environments where all residents—regardless of income—have the tools and opportunities to participate in their community and become part of the mainstream economy. Sustainable Communities are places where people and businesses thrive and support each other to continuously adapt and grow. They are, in effect, the embodiment of both community and development — places where human opportunity and social and economic vitality combine with a continuous process of growth, adaptation, and improvement.

MKE Plays

is an initiative of Alderman Michael J. Murphy which endeavors to transform 12 of the city’s most deteriorated playgrounds into models for local collaboration by engaging residents, organizational partners, city officials, and private funders in the redesign and construction.

The Milwaukee Boys & Men of Color

(BMOC) Initiative aims to address the multiple and systemic issues that place men and boys of color at an economic, social and educational disadvantage compared to their peers.  The initiative is created to target these challenges through collective thought and action from community leaders and dedicated community stakeholders.

Milwaukee Succeeds

a broad-based, community wide collaboration that aims to improve educational outcomes for every child in Milwaukee, in every school, cradle to career. Using a data-driven process that focuses resources on high-impact strategies, Milwaukee Succeeds will begin to move the needle on what works for kids, and better position our children and our community for a successful future.