CARMEN PLAYFIELD – 7320 W. Carmen Ave

Truck Studio


"Abby, who is the rec staff member who was working with us the whole week came up
to me during clean up and said thank you so much. She said that the entire
atmosphere of the park changed when we were there. Even the kids that worked with
us went from being super combative and disrespectful to happy-go-lucky kids. She
said that she was kind of worried about how the rest of the summer was going to
be, but I let her take pictures of all of the project lists so that she could
do some of them with the kids too. She said she didn’t ever really believe in
the whole power of art/art as a healing/mediation technique until she saw the
difference between while we were there and while we were not. It felt good to have
that kind of external validation and like reaffirmation that what
we are doing has a serious impact on the community."
- Story from Lauran, Lead Artist, at Carmen Playfield Truck Studio this summer

WASHINGTON PARK – 1859 N. 40 St.

Truck Studio


“It makes me feel happy and unstoppable!”  
- Derrick, age 9 

Washington Park is a cultural icon in Milwaukee, and a centerpiece of the Washington Park neighborhood. The park is a gathering space for neighbors, and a place for young people to play, explore, and recreate.  Each summer the Truck Studio visits the park to offer arts and cultural programs for youth in the neighborhood.

STOP THE STOLIES – Neu Life, 19th and Meinecke

Artist in Residence


“Public art spreads the word to communities and neighborhoods.” 
- Dejah Brown, age 15

Neu-Life Community Development teens hosted a community sharing and mural painting session on the topic of the stolen car epidemic in Milwaukee. Neu-Life teens partnered with A.W.E., Safe & Sound, and artists, Ammar Nsoroma and Dario Allen to create this mural. The group worked on the mural that memorializes and honors victims of stolen car crashes in Milwaukee since January. Dejah Brown, a participant, shares, “We want to let them know that we care. We care about everybody’s life.”

This program is funded by: The Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Racial Equity and Inclusion Grant; Zilber Family Foundation; MPS Partnership for the Arts and Humanities

Our Stories Share the Same Roots, Escuela Verde Mural – 35th St. Viaduct

Artist in Residence


“It inspired me to not be afraid of who I am.”  
- German Soto, 8th grade

At Escuela Verde, students worked alongside artists Jenie Gao and Gabriela Riveros to create a mural that was installed on the Superior Salt building. They interviewed their classmates and neighbors, researched the role of migration in human progress and looked for patterns of migration in nature. Their mural takes inspiration from the shared, repeated patterns they found in their research and conversations. The mural celebrates how similar our ancestral patterns are, and how deeply those roots run. This mural is located at the corner of 35th & Pierce. Learn more about the Migration Stories Project.

This program is funded by: The Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Racial Equity and Inclusion Grant; Zilber Family Foundation; Herzfeld Foundation