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“Art is special because it is like a fingerprint of each one of us, no one can make the same thing, so each piece of art is special because it is essentially you and me…” – Lelia, 7, Walker Square Park 


Photo taken in 2017 at Summer Truck Studio programming.

The year is an exciting one for all of us; we’re welcoming our 20th year in the Milwaukee community having served over 60,000 youth through our Truck Studio and Artist-in-Residence programs! Warmer temperatures are on the horizon, and we’re spending the spring season doing a full array of Truck Studio Library visits that focus on exploring the theme of Self-Love and Personal Magic, in addition to some exciting and innovative Artist-in-Residence programming.

Throughout the Spring Truck Studio Library visits, youth will have an opportunity to literally put on their thinking hats, by reading the book, ‘Sarabella’s Thinking Cap’ by Judy Schachner, then work with an artist team to engage in an art-making activity that allows them to express their “explosion of thoughts.”

Truck Studio Artist Terry helps a youth create a hat, while sporting his own very colorful hat!

Other Spring Truck Studio opportunities include having youth explore their individual magic and how that can be shared with others in the collective in which we live in, to build a more unified community. Some books that highlight this are ‘Windows’ by Julia Denos, and ‘Most People’ by Michael Leannah. Parents are always welcome to engage in art-making with their child participant or just engage with other parents. An artist who was observing parents at the Milwaukee Public Library Bay View Branch said, “I noticed a lot of parents start talking and conversing with each other as they sat back and watched their kids make art.” Plan your visit today! 2018 Spring Truck Studio Schedule

Our Artist-in-Residence program is already in full-swing. AWE’s Program Director, John Kowalczyk and Youth Arts Specialist, Tatiana Diaz, have been busy working with youth at after-school sites across the city, to engage in public art projects that are meaningful to them. In 2017, youth from ONG developed a concept for an iconic “LIFE” sculpture and a farmers’ market sign; that addressed concerns of food security and access. Now Teaching Artist, Sarah Luther has been engaging with ONG youth to build upon past projects completed at nearby Amaranth Bakery on 33rd and Lisbon. Youth are working to add seating the area. Below are some photos of their process, we can’t wait to see the finished product.

The iconic “LIFE” sculpture created by youth from Our Next Generation and artist Mikal Floyd-Pruitt. This sculpture is the the Washington Park neighborhood.

Youth from Our Next Generation are working on their current plan to add more seating to outdoor area at Amaranth Bakery.

Words that capture the spirit of what the youth feel is important to them to leave in the community.