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The A.W.E. Truck Studio is the most clever and culturally competent summer youth program I have seen. The creative genius behind this program and its ability to serve at a street level makes it the most competent summer art program in the city.

Sherrie Tussler
Executive Director, Hunger Task Force

I think we introduced the kids to a lot of concepts, tools, and ways of thinking that they may not necessarily receive in school…That is a great thing about Truck Studio: the kids were free to be themselves and use their imagination and incorporate it into the lesson without the pressures of school.

Truck Studio High School Intern

I think the work we did over the summer definitely impacted the social, emotional, and cognitive development of the children we worked with. Working with us at the park for a short amount of time or for multiple hours on multiple days, the kids had to listen to directions, work with materials and people they have never worked with before, and be challenged by ideas, questions, projects, while practicing positive social situations.

Truck Studio College Intern

This is a great setting to have fun and to have a free space to create and take advantage of the time in a positive way. Children need more activities like this to develop their skills since we often don’t have the space at home, or the educational materials.

Burnham Park Truck Studio

I learned a lot today, especially that if you put trust in something you can do it…I am proud of my project because I put my heart into it and worked hard.

Alaijah, age 7
Tiefenthaler Truck Studio

Making art today made me feel happy because I didn’t know I was able to do it. This is a good program because most kids don’t have anything to work with at home.

Kataunie, age 14
Columbia Playground Truck Studio

THE TRUCK STUDIO provides meaningful, drop-in art-based enrichment activities free of charge to youth ages 4 – 14, with a focus on working with youth in Milwaukee’s under-served neighborhoods. We help young people become more inquisitive, creative, flexible, imaginative and confident while fostering a sense of community among children, artists, and neighborhoods. The Truck Studio provides valuable opportunities to explore tools, techniques, and creative concepts that many of our children would not be exposed to otherwise. These opportunities in turn provide a background of experiential knowledge and a basic confidence in skills that youth can capitalize on in many other areas of their studies and development. The Truck Studio program consists of a fleet of 4 very colorfully painted donated vans and a dedicated team of lead artists, college level interns, and high school level interns.

AWE’S SUMMER TRUCK STUDIO PROGRAM partners with Milwaukee County Parks and Milwaukee Recreation to offer three hours of free arts enrichment activities daily over a six week period in parks and playgrounds throughout Milwaukee, as well as a series of evening visits to targeted community gatherings. Artists collaborate closely with youth participants to create a number of imaginative take home projects ranging from sculpture to painting to mixed-media collage and beyond.

Participants also work with each other (often meeting new neighbors and making friends), practicing essential social and communication skills that can get lost over the summer. There is a new theme of study each day and projects often utilize both fiction and nonfiction books – literacy ties are made throughout the art making.

2018 Summer Truck Studio Schedule in English

AWE’S TRUCK STUDIO LIBRARY PROGRAM partners with Milwaukee Public Library. During the school year, the Truck Studio visits every MPL location for a series of visits both in the spring and fall. Seen as a continuation of our summer Truck Studio program, these visits offer drop-in, free, art-based enrichment activities and all projects are take-home. Artists read to the youth, then collaboratively discuss the day’s topic and introduce a specific artistic process, creating an interactive learning environment. In particular at the library program, families are encouraged to attend and make art together.

TRUCK STUDIO SPECIAL EVENTS For a fee, AWE will send out a Truck Studio van and team of artists to work with youth in a wide variety of settings. These events can include festivals, block parties, fundraisers, school high interest days, and many other types of community celebrations. We will also work with you to build a series of sequential visits to your community center or after school program.

Hire the Truck

BRING THE TRUCK STUDIO TO YOU!  For a fee, A.W.E. will send out a Truck Studio van and team of artists to make art with youth in a wide variety of settings.  These events can include festivals, block parties, fundraisers, school high interest days, and many other types of community celebrations.  We will also work with you to build a series of sequential visits to your community center or after school program. Feel free to reach out to us with your ideas!

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Work for A.W.E.

The Truck Studio hires creative, adaptable and dedicated community artists. Intern level artists are usually students working toward degrees or coursework in Studio Art, Art Education, or Art Therapy; applicants who already have experience working with urban youth are preferred. Lead Artists are generally professionals with teaching experience at the K-12 level (either in schools or in the community-at-large) and also have prior work experience supervising others/managing a team.

The Truck Studio strives to build diverse teams of artists that are dedicated to community outreach & development and who enjoy working creatively with community members from a wide variety of backgrounds. Bilingual English-Spanish speakers and artists of color are strongly encouraged to apply.


Truck Studio Opportunities

Lead Artist– A.W.E. is looking for experienced and energetic artists and art educators to join our Truck Studio team this summer! Truck Studio Lead Artists supervise a team of 3 interns, and lead youth summer art programming in Milwaukee parks and playgrounds. Learn more in our “Truck Studio Lead Artist” application.

A.W.E. High School Intern- Do you like art? Interacting with kids? Working with computers? Chances are A.W.E. has the summer internship you’re looking for. We’re currently hiring interns for both our programs, Truck Studio and Artist in Residence, and to work in our office. Learn more in our “A.W.E. High School Intern” application.

Truck Studio College Level Intern- This summer, choose an internship that’s actually FUN! Our college level Truck Studio interns work with youth in Milwaukee parks and playgrounds, making art. However, this internship is more that just fun. You’ll gain professional experience working on a team, and a richer understanding of Milwaukee’s vibrant neighborhoods. Learn more in our “Truck Studio College Level Intern” application.

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